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Resources: Storage

Ceph Project Spaces

  • All Ceph projects are purchased for a 5 year duration at a rate of $375/TB. No snapshots and backups provided.
  • PIs can request snapshots and backups for an additional $375/TB (5 year duration).

HPC Research groups and Ceph

Research groups that purchase a minimum of 1TB Ceph project for a 5 year duration have the option of using their Ceph projects space as their home directory on Sol. If PIs opt for Ceph projects as home directory forgoing the 150GB home storage quota provided by the $50/user account fee will have their annual user fees waived for the life of the Ceph project. Such PIs can add users to their Sol allocation at no charge during the 5 year life of the Ceph project.

Account Request: To obtain a Ceph project, please contact Manager of Research Computing for more information.


  • R-Drive is a file storage service, powered by ceph, to provide Lehigh users with significant additional storage for larger files or collections of data than are handled by other systems.
  • Faculty are provided with 1TB of space at no cost. 
  • More information on R Drive is available here.

Sol cluster (HPC Service Level 2)

  • Home directory quotas of 150GB per user provide by $50/user account fees. 
  • Compute node local /scratch filesystem (not shared) of 500GB.
    • Not backed up
    • Cleared at beginning of each batch job.

For all questions and requests for additional storage on any of these systems, please submit a request form to 'Research Computing' at


Last Updated: October 15, 2018