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Resources: Storage

  • Ceph Project Spaces
    • Shared project spaces are available on Ceph:
      • <10 TB = $200 / TB / year,
      • >10 TB = $100 / TB / year
    • Project spaces are accessible by a defined group of Lehigh users.
    • Project spaces allow for two types of sharing: managed and open.
      • ​ Managed spaces include personal directories accessible only by the individual user as well as a shared space writable by all group members.
      • Open spaces have no pre-defined structure, and are writable by all users in the group.
    • ​For more information, see the Ceph FAQ.
  • R-Drive
    • R-Drive is a file storage service, powered by ceph, to provide Lehigh users with significant additional storage for larger files or collections of data than are handled by other systems.
    • Faculty are provided with 1TB of space at no cost. 
    • More information on R Drive is available here.
  • Sol cluster (HPC Service Level 2)
    • Home directory quotas of 150GB per user
    • Compute node local /scratch filesystem (not shared) of 500GB.
      • Not backed up
      • Cleared at beginning of each batch job.
  • /zhome
    • A Ceph project volume will host home directory for Polaris, Maia and Sol. 
    • The default quota of 5GB is available for use on the general-access compute server (Maia).
    • HPC Level II users have a default quota of 150GB that is available for use on Sol and Maia.
    • This storage is not web-accessible.  
    • For additional storage, a Ceph project volume @ $200/TB/year is required.

For all questions and requests for additional storage on any of these systems, please submit a request form to 'Research Computing' at


Last Updated: April 6, 2017