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Research Computing Staff

  • Alex Pacheco, Manager & XSEDE Campus Champion
    • Contact for all Research Computing issues
  • Steve Anthony, HPC System Administrator
    • Contact for any system related issues
  • Dan Brashler, CAS Computing Consultant
    • Contact for support of research system within the College of Arts & Sciences
  • Sachin Joshi, Data Analyst & Visualization Specialist
    • Contact for assistance with Data Science and Visualization.


Request for Assistance

Requests for assistance from the Research Computing team have been integrated into the campus-wide helpdesk system.Please submit requests at and select 'Research Computing' to make your submission.

For prompt response, please consider the following when submitting a ticket

  • Very short summary of issue  as a subject.
    • Examples:
      • Sol: Unable to submit jobs to lts partition
      • Sol: Job error - no space on disk
      • Sol: Cannot run jobs - AssocGrpCPUMinutesLimit
    • Do not describe your issue as a subject with no content.
  • System, Software and Partition or Queue where you are having an issue.
  • Detailed description of your issue including modules loaded, and location of input, output and error files.
    • If you have an error to report, paste the error message. Do not take a snapshot and upload the image.
  • Anything else that you think may be necessary to resolve your issue.