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Logging into HPC Machines Using SSH

This page provides instructions to use ssh to log into research computing machines. The instructions for using ssh are same regardless of what system a user is trying to access. However the username and passwords for some systems may be different. A user should understand the Service Levels that offer access to different machines and make sure that she has proper privileges to use a machine before proceeding further.

What is SSH?
Most of the research computing resources are located in locations that may not be accessed personally by the users. The users can log into these machines from any computer that is connected to the internet using a protocol called Secure Shell or SSH. SSH allows the user to login to a machine and run her jobs or transfer files over an encrypted channel. More information about ssh can be obtained from Wikipedia.
What is the hostname?
Since the procedure of logging-in is same for all machines, the procedure is explained assuming that the host-name of the machine is 'HOSTNAME'. The 'HOSTNAME' should be replaced by the appropriate name of the desired machine. The following table contains the appropriate values of 'HOSTNAME' for different resources.
Machine "HOSTNAME"
Computer Servers (Trit)

Computer Server (Capella)
Corona Cluster 

If a user wants to log into the Maia server then she should use instead of HOSTNAME in the following instructions. Similarly if the user wants to log into a Linux Workstation then she should use the host name of that workstation.

What is my password?
The username and password for all Research Computing resources is same as the Lehigh username and the associated password.
On Campus
You could directly log onto any host listed above.
  • Windows
    It is highly recommended to use MobaXterm, default installed on public site PCs.
    SSH Terminal and Graphical Interface: MobaXterm
  • Linux 
    See detail.
  • Mac
    See detail.

Off Campus

All research computing machines are behind Lehigh University's firewall. If a user wants to access the resources from outside, there are two ways:

  1. The preferred way is to first log into the machine and then log into other machines from there. can be accessed from anywhere from a Windows, Linux or a Mac that is connected to the internet.
  2. A user can also set up a VPN connection to Lehigh's Network. The user will then be a part of Lehigh's Network and will be able to access any machines without being affected by the firewall.
  • Windows
  • SSH Terminal and Graphical Interface: MobaXterm
  • Linux
    See detail.
  • Mac
    See detail.