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Research Computing Steering Committee

LTS Research Computing is a unit under the Office of Vice Provost (VP) for Library and Technology Services (LTS). To ensure faculty input, the VP for LTS has setup the Research Computing Steering Committee (RCSC) consisting of faculty members and research staff. The primary objective of the RCSC is to serve as an advisory role to the VP for LTS and set policies and procedures for governing the Research Computing resources at Lehigh University. 
RCSC meets once every month, current meeting minutes are available here.
Name Affiliation Role Lehigh email id ( Phone (610-76...)
Brian Davison Associate Professor, Computer Science and Engineering Co-Chair bdd3 83453
Ed Webb III Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics Co-Chair ebw210 85168
Bruce Taggart Vice Provost for Library and Technology Services Ex Officio bmt2 83025
Greg Reihman Associate Vice Provost/Director Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning Ex Officio grr3 86840
Alan Snyder Vice President and Associate Provost for Research and Graduate Studies Ex Officio ajs410 86120
Peter Bryan Systems Manager, ATLSS, Civil and Environmental Engineering Member pb02 85460
Brian Chen Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Engineering Member byc210 84085
Richard Decker Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Member drd0 83954
Bruce Dodson Associate Professor, Mathematics Member bad0 83745
James Hall Professor, Accounting Member jah0 84446
Zhiyuan Yan Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering Member zhy6 83415
Paolo Bocchini Assistant Professor, ATLSS / Civil and Environmental Engineering Member pab409 83066
Boris Defourney Assistant Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering Member bdf213 83000
Ping-Shi Wu Associate Professor, Mathematics Member psw205 83750
Heather Jaeger Assistant Professor, Chemistry Member hej213 82013
Alberto J. Lamadrid Assistant Professor, Economics Member all512 80239
Michael Kramp Associate Professor, English Member dmk209 83331
Jeffrey Rickman Professor, Materials Science & Engineering Member jmr6 84236
Ziad Munson Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology Member zim2 83821
Rosi J. Reed Assistant Professor, Physics Member rjr215 83907
Jonas Baltrusaitis Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering Member job314 86836
Ting Wang Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Engineering Member tiw315 84601
Haiyan Jia Assistant Professor, Journalism and Communication Member haj616
John Gillroy Professor, Philosophy Member jmg304 85964
Joan Ramage Macdonald Associate Professor, Earth and Environmental Sciences Member jmr204 83660
Wonpil Im Professor, Biological Sciences Member woi216 84705
Steve Anthony HPC Support Specialist Support Staff sma310 84805
Alexander Pacheco Manager, Research Computing, Library Tech Svcs Support Staff alp514 86735